Treehouse - modular houses and prefab wooden construction


The Treehouse was born from the natural progression of structural wood construction carried out by company JULAR Madeiras.

The company’s know-how and experience acquired over 45 years were fundamental for the creation of new concepts and solutions in wooden structures. To achieve this, JULAR invested in creating its own engineering office, while at the same time establishing partnerships with external architects and designers, who have extensive experience in the production and execution of wooden structures.

Initially created to enhance the range of modular homes provided by JULAR, the Treehouse brand quickly diversified to encompass not only housing construction, but also commercial buildings, restaurants, tourist developments, modular offices and sales stands, among other projects.

The modular component and a strong incorporation of pre-fabrication are the essence of our methods and constructive processes. We distinguish ourselves by employing the best practices of sustainable construction and the latest manufacturing techniques.

We bring together experience and innovation to create new projects under construction with wood.

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Modular Construction

Treehouse is based on an innovative concept of modular wood construction, fully developed and produced by JULAR, which combines contemporary design, modularity, fast assembly, cost savings and sustainability.

Wood is the predominant material throughout the construction process, and integrates technologically-advanced, certified and approved products, that come from certified forests, of sustained management.

The Treehouse construction processes developed by JULAR allow volumetric modules to be manufactured and shipped fully assembled, ready to be placed on their final location site. Alternatively, production is done in kits, which are later mounted on site.

In all cases, given the high level of pre-fabrication of these structures, it is possible to manufacture and assemble them in a short time. The planning and preparation of the layouts allows the production of several series of units or models, meaning the likes of housing projects, camp sites, and resorts, can be achieved in a short time frame and to competitive budgets.

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100% environmentally friendly modular houses

JULAR has an experienced, multi-skilled technical team, which can undertake the design and construction of customised structures.

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Today, wooden structures are a competitive solution to steel and concrete structures, as well as having advantages and characteristics that far exceed their competitors: these include a superior weight-resistance ratio, fast assembly, fire resistance, excellent performance in the event of an earthquake, natural aesthetic beauty, ecological rationality either through the carbon balance or the renewable nature of this resource, cost savings and ease of disassembly.

The Treehouse structures developed by JULAR incorporate advanced performance wood products, making possible to execute large wooden structures, such as pavilions, warehouses, roofs, bridges, or public buildings. These new hi-tech products in wood are easily adaptable to any project, promoting the preservation of the environment and the rational use of natural resources.

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As a result of its mastery of constructive techniques and experience in innovative wood-based materials, JULAR also participates in building restoration projects with Treehouse structures.

We work in partnership with owners, designers and contractors, not only with the supply of materials but also providing technical advice.

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Modular Houses

Treehouse Monte Gordo

Modular Houses Catering Treehouse Monte Gordo 2018 Algarve Portugal

Beach facilities with areas from 150 to 400 m2, which are part of the redevelopment of Marginal de Monte Gordo.

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