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Modular Houses


Modular Houses


Modular Houses


Treehouse by Jular modular houses are designed on the basis of a lightweight and functional prefabricated system, in which the concentrated use of wood provides a warm environment, in tune with nature.

The use of wood as a structural element provides undeniable advantages in terms of weight, fast assembly, fire resistance, seismic resistance, thermal and acoustic comfort, ecological rationality and natural beauty.


From a T0 studio to a T4 four-bedroom house, or even bigger, with Treehouse everything is possible.

We offer standard, pre-designed layouts, in different typologies and configurations, and it is possible to adapt or customise any Treehouse.

The flexible design and the existing base modules allow the combination of infinite solutions with unlimited possibilities.

The choice of materials and finishes available offers a high degree of personalisation of the final house.

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The versatility of the Treehouse concept allows the adaptation of the modular system to restaurants or bars.

The use of certified wood products offers additional advantages, namely for their implantation on beaches, in parks and gardens, or any other natural setting.

Our team works closely with the Customer, creating new solutions or adapting existing projects.

Hotel accommodation

The Treehouse offers variable housing solutions, adjustable to the complexity of each project, for both brand new projects and adding new value to existing projects.

The preference for certified timber from sustainably-managed forests offers important competitive advantages, both for its ecological use and full respect for nature. This is of particular relevance when it comes to projects such as camping sites, resorts or leisure establishments located in protected areas, mountainous areas, or on beaches, among others.

We create new solutions, with the versatility of the Treehouse system


As well as solutions for housing, catering and hotels, the versatility of the Treehouse system can be adapted to other different projects, like offices, sales stands or commercial spaces.

Existing layouts or typologies can be adjusted to the purpose of the project in question, or new solutions can be created. Contact us!

Case studies

Learn more about our reference projects and get inspired!

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