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Wood Structures

The Treehouse structures developed by JULAR incorporate advanced performance wood products, as a result of the research and scientific developments over recent decades, which led to the creation of engineered wood products, such as: Kerto® microlaminated wood, glued laminated wood, I-Joist beams, and CLT® panels, among others.

Our technical team is made up of highly-skilled technicians, who work in coordination with customers and partners to develop tailor-made projects for both industrial and commercial solutions.


Treehouse structures include marquee or pavilion kits made from Kerto® microlaminated wood, a high-tech product that is distinguished for its high mechanical resistance.

It is an approved and certified building system with shallow foundations, high resistance to fire and corrosion and excellent acoustics. It allows a construction span of up to 40 meters.

A competitive solution, that is quick to manufacture and assemble.


Using innovative materials such as glued laminated wood, Kerto® microlaminated wood or CLT® panels, Treehouse structures are often chosen as roofing or covers on commercial, sports, agricultural or industrial buildings.

The structural components incorporate a high degree of pre-fabrication, which entails important design and planning advantages, optimising the necessary human and material resources and reducing on-site labour, resulting in high performance, beautiful buildings.

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